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Bird's-Eye View: The Science Behind Construction And Contracting

Hi! I'm AJ and I have an unusual hobby. I love abseiling down buildings - legally, of course. It is a growing tourist activity and I have been lucky enough to try it in many parts of the world. When you are on top of a building and then making your descent, you really have time to admire the overall construction and materials used. It is actually mind-boggling to think about the builders and machines who have put together such amazing architecture. I've been reading quite a few books lately about construction techniques and I'm quite in awe of the science involved. I hope that you find the science behind construction as fascinating as I do. Thank you for your time.

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3 Benefits of CCTV Camera Inspections as Part of Bore Maintenance

When you start a bore maintenance schedule, you may include things like chemical jetting. What you may not think about is having a CCTV camera inspection performed routinely on the bore system. If this is the case, you might be missing out on the benefits this professional service can bring to your bore maintenance schedule. Here are three benefits of the CCTV camera inspection and what to know about each benefit.

Reduced Destruction and Disruption Method

One of the biggest benefits of using a CCTV camera inspection for your bore maintenance routine is the ability to reduce destruction in the workplace. This destruction can refer to actually breaking ground on areas around the bore or to simply disrupting the work area and the workers around the area. The camera goes directly into pipes and into the boring equipment allowing a technician to either record the full inspection or to manually operate the camera during the inspection and take images as needed. 

Narrow Down Issues Quickly

If you are having an issue with your bore system then the benefit of using a CCTV camera inspection for your maintenance is the time savings it offers. If you are using traditional problem detection methods during your maintenance, then you may be playing a guessing game about what could be wrong with the bore system. The CCTV camera inspection can help you locate the exact issue and move to make repairs or preventative maintenance to help reduce the chances of that issue occurring again. This saves time by allowing you to narrow down the problem quickly and shutting down just that area for repair rather than shutting down multiple areas for repair while trying to detect the true issues.

Interior and Exterior Uses

Depending on your manufacturing set-up, you may have bore systems that are located both inside the manufacturing building and outside the building as well. If these systems are connected the CCTV camera inspection can be used throughout the interior and exterior systems to check for connection issues, breakdown issues, or other problems that may be occurring in the bore systems. If they are not connected, you can easily have the same type of CCTV on both the interior and exterior bore systems.

If the benefits of using a CCTV camera inspection as part of your bore maintenance plan are appealing, contact your local service contractor. They can help you with pricing, with developing a maintenance service plan and with questions you have about the process.