Bird's-Eye View: The Science Behind Construction And Contracting

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Bird's-Eye View: The Science Behind Construction And Contracting

Hi! I'm AJ and I have an unusual hobby. I love abseiling down buildings - legally, of course. It is a growing tourist activity and I have been lucky enough to try it in many parts of the world. When you are on top of a building and then making your descent, you really have time to admire the overall construction and materials used. It is actually mind-boggling to think about the builders and machines who have put together such amazing architecture. I've been reading quite a few books lately about construction techniques and I'm quite in awe of the science involved. I hope that you find the science behind construction as fascinating as I do. Thank you for your time.


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3 Essential Planning Tips for Building Home Additions

If you are interested in creating more usable space in your home, you should think about building an addition. A home addition is ideal for increasing the total living area of your house, and it is beneficial if your lifestyle is changing. It is also essential to note that this type of home improvement work will increase the value of your property. 

Unfortunately, you cannot simply build a room beside your house and declare it an addition. You will need to plan carefully to guarantee success. Here are practical tips to help you navigate your project.

1. Think about Alternative Options

You should think about alternative methods for creating more space in your home without building an addition. In general, additions are time-consuming, and the cost of the work can be high, especially if you have to extend the foundation and the roofing. Therefore, it is beneficial to consider other options before proceeding.

For instance, you can knock down some interior walls to open up your house and give it a more open feeling. You can also convert some of your underutilised spaces. For example, if you have a spare bedroom or an empty basement, you can remodel it to match another purpose. You should discuss all the possibilities with your renovations contractor for ideal results.

2. Design a Matching Addition

If you decide to proceed with the addition, you should create a design that complements your existing structure. In some cases, homeowners can be too overzealous and imaginative when designing an addition. As a result, the new section or room stands out too much against the main house. You should avoid this mistake.

Remember, if the addition does not match the primary structure, your house will look awkward and unattractive. In addition, it will be difficult to sell such a house in the future. Therefore, you should maintain the same style when building the addition. Choose similar construction materials and let the new design blend in naturally.

3. Prepare a Suitable Budget

You should prepare a suitable budget for your home addition project with exceptional diligence. The cost of extending your house will depend on the amount of work required.  For example, a small bump out to a specific room in the house is not expensive because you will not need to do any foundation work. However, if you are planning on adding an entirely new room or expanding the floor area significantly, the cost will be higher. You should also think about the cost of altering the plumbing, electrical connections, and other utilities.

For more information, contact your local home renovations company.